MicroFresh Launches in the U.S. as WeFresh

Introducing an award-winning technology
designed to give long lasting freshness to homeware, footwear and a variety of other products.

WeFresh technology gives products a marketing edge to stand out from the crowd and differentiate the brand from its competitors.
WeFresh gives products a unique selling proposition by promoting fresher living.


WeFresh technology is available in home furnishings to add freshness to bedding, pillows and duvets. Textiles incorporating WeFresh can be washed at lower temperatures giving an environmental benefit. And, WeFresh can be found in a range of bathroom products to reduce odors and promote freshness from damp bathmats and shower curtains.

Out and About

Smelly shoes are now a thing of the past due to WeFresh technology being introduced as an internal part of manufacture. Outdoor workwear can be impregnated to reduce odor build up and keep workwear fresher for longer. Shirts, blouses and suits can be as fresh after work as at the start-of-the-day for the long days at the office or on the construction site!

On the Go

For consumers who engage in active sports, clothing incorporating WeFresh technology stays fresh from the beginning to the end. WeFresh technology is available in sportswear for football, rugby, cycling and everyday gym classes! No matter the sport, afterward there are no aromas associated with action sports. The WeFresh logo ensures odor protection all game long!

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