Kathy Ireland

WeFresh is exclusively distributed in the U.S. for a product sold worldwide as Micro-Fresh®. The technology was originally developed and crafted in 2006 in the UK to prevent the growth of mold on products in transit from the far corners of the world. It also has additional properties that prevent odor causing and pathogenic bacteria.

Today, the brand is used as an ‘added value’ by over 50 retailers and manufacturers. It now serves as the ‘go to’ brand for innovation-conscious retailers that want to promote the freshness of their products.

In addition to preventing the growth of odor causing microorganisms, WeFresh products can be washed at low temperatures, decreasing the need for frequent washing which prolongs the life of the product, as well as reduces energy costs and carbon footprint. WeFresh maintains freshness over 99 percent beyond 50 washes, essentially, providing a lifetime of freshness for WeFresh products.

Manufacturers, retailers and consumers can be confident in WeFresh because it is free from restricted substances and SVHCs, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 approved in all 4 classes I-IV, and Certified DMF free. The result is a Nano-free technology that is tough on harmful bacteria but kind to the human skin. WeFresh has been tested and approved for safety in baby bedding and has been featured in children’s footwear for nine years.

Not surprisingly, the technology behind WeFresh has been honored with a number of awards including the Cisco Systems National Innovation Award 2010, Ernst & Young Sustainable Business Growth Finalist 2014, Cummins Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, Goldman Sachs Business Growth Award 2015 and more.